Double The Profitability of Your Craft Brewery in 6 Months or Less 
Learn the proven, step-by-step process we use with breweries to increase taproom sales and build cash flow, decrease inventory costs, and streamline the back office with software (and free up hours of your time in the process)
From the outside, owning your own brewery sounds like a dream job...
And in this picturesque world of craft brewing that exists in the minds of your friends, family, and fellow homebrew club members, you get to truly do what you love.

Experimenting with creative new recipes and testing them with your friends and staff, just like back in your basement on Friday nights…

Making delicious, unique beer according to your enlightened vision of the perfect brew, day-in and day-out…

And getting “high off your own supply” - grabbing a relaxing cold one after each hard day’s work…

All of this while your employees joyfully arrive to work each day, customers and distributors flock to your front door, and your beer is seamlessly exchanged for cash as you continue to “rake it in” month after month.

Well... as you’ve probably found out by now, that fantasy-land perception of what it’s really like to run a brewery is just that: perception.

The reality?

Running a brewery is hardasswork

Just take a look at these comments online from active brewery owners:
Now, maybe you actually knew this going in:
How much work it was going to be...

How challenging it would be to work yourself into the black...

And how little true brewing you’d be doing…

But that doesn’t make the job you have in front of you any less difficult. Because not only is it hard work, it’s also incredibly complex because of: 

(1) The excruciating level of detail required to make delicious beer.

(2) The fact that you’re running 5 different business units under one roof, when most businesses are one, maybe two.

What does all of this add up to?

Even as a moderately successful brewery, you’re probably facing:
  • Exhaustion and fatigue from tending to your “baby” day-in and day-out for years, without seeing anything beyond the minimum paycheck you need to get by. When was this supposed to pay off again??
  • A constant roller-coaster of cash and inventory, fluctuating between ordering excess in bulk, expediting when you’re short, and “spending ahead” on assets for future expansion. 
  • A steep learning curve (still) and a mountain of back-office paperwork that eats up every minute you have outside of actually producing beer.
And that’s if you’re ALREADY profitable!

In the end, all you ever really wanted to do was brew, deliver amazing beer, and build a culture and community around it. But somewhere along the line, you became CPO (Chief Paper-pushing Officer), and those early goals seem like they’ve drifted somewhere off into the distance.

Thankfully though, you’re not alone.

Hundreds of craft breweries have sprung up and found success in the midst of all of the same challenges, and they continue to do so to this day. And that’s not because of luck, location, or magic… but because they’ve discovered and followed a very specific set of best practices for operating and marketing their brewery that they adhere to.

We work with these breweries every day, and I’ll tell you:

There’s no reason why that couldn’t be you.
Hi, I'm Chris. And I'm here to help you do just that.
Over the past 8 years, my firm and I have worked with craft breweries all across the U.S, and have helped them achieve significant bottom line improvements, while streamlining their operations.
Some of our clients include...
And in doing so we’ve identified, refined, and tested a repeatable set of strategies, tools, and processes that work regardless whether you’re brewing deep dark stouts, wacky IPAs, or crisp traditional pilsners.
Now, we can’t work directly with everyone, but what we can do is share those same best practices for you to work towards yourself.

So we decided to create a program that does exactly that.
A premium online course for craft brewers and proven path to selling more beer, minimizing costs, and running your business like a well-oiled machine
Brewery Business Blueprint is...
A 5-week online course designed to help you implement proven best practices and standards in your business so that you can double your profitability in the next 3-6 months.

So whether you’re:
  • Just getting started and want to get into the black as quickly as possible...
  • A few years old and want to finally turn the corner to start scaling...
  • Or a seasoned vet looking for a way to break the exhausting 100-hour-a-week routine...
Our goal is to take all of the knowledge we share with our breweries, and give you a “download” of the exact step-by-step process to increased earnings, so that you can go out and execute it yourself.
By the end of this course, you’ll have:
  • Increased your brewery’s revenues without over-extending yourself
  • Decreased your costs and cash losses so you can build more gross profit
  • Make payroll and pay vendors comfortably each month without stressing out
  • Established a path to actually pay yourself a CEO’s salary (and avoid “ownership fatigue”)
  • Streamlined your operations and saved up to 20 hours per week so you can get back to doing the fun stuff: brewing!
  • And much more...
If that sounds out of reach, don’t worry. Because in this course we've broken it down into 5 straightforward video modules that walk you through the exact steps you can take to improve your revenue, margins, and operations across the five highest-leverage areas in your brewery.
Here's a look inside the course...
When you sign up for the course, you’ll get...
Instant lifetime access to five core lesson modules, which contain 5-6 videos each detailing:
  • An overview of each business component, including strategy and metrics to pay attention to
  • The exact step-by-step process for evaluating, and implementing changes to make each aspect of your brewery more efficient and profitable
  • Software and template demos to show you how to set it up use it
  • Examples and case studies
Each module also includes:
  • Downloadable spreadsheets and document templates you can “plug-and-play” within minutes
  • Downloadable PDF checklists and procedures you can use to run your day-to-day operations and train your staff
  • A list of action steps for you to complete each week to stay on track
And my Brewery Metric Landscape document as a bonus:
  • A PDF download of 25 of the most critical metrics to benchmark your brewery against
  • Includes what to measure, how to collect the data and calculate the metric, as well as a benchmark range to compare it to (this is the secret sauce)
  • You'll also learn how to take meaningful action against those metrics that fall out of range, to direct your efforts to the area of your brewery that needs it most 
Plus, because we know you’re busy brewing, promoting, and managing, the course is designed so that you can take it whenever, and wherever you want. 

None of the hassle involved in traveling to seminars and back, only to forget the “epiphany” you had while you were there.

No worrying about whether you can take time off from managing the day-to-day. 

And no need to spend a big chunk of your monthly budget on consultants or business coaches, who although helpful, may not have a clue about the details and complexities involved in running a craft brewery.
Enroll in Brewery Business Blueprint for a Full 30-Days, 100% Risk Free
Join Now for Only $499
Frequently Asked Questions
Will Brewery Business Blueprint work for my brewery?
If you’re taproom is packed 6 nights a week, every bit of merchandise and inventory can be accounted for at a moments notice, and your back office is already paperless this program probably isn’t for you.

But if you want to increase taproom sales, get a total grip on cash movement, introduce a software stack to streamline the back office and are ready to start significantly increasing the profitability of your brewery, this program is for you.

The principles, processes, and best practices we share in the BBB course are based on the collective experience we’ve had working with breweries across the U.S. and making significant improvements to their bottom line earnings. They’ve worked for them, and they can work for you. 
Right now we’re focused on wholesale expansion. Does this course cover how to handle that?
No. In our experience, we’ve found that getting these in-house fundamentals down first ensures that growth and expansion can proceed smoothly. 

Because of that, the BBB program focuses on mastering the taproom, cash, merchandise, inventory and software so that you can then take all of that extra time and profit and invest it back into growing your brewery.

How much time will this take each week?
Although the course video content is concise and to-the-point, the real meat is in the application of the material to your brewery.

Plan on reserving 3-5 hours per week to review the course material and implement the action steps and new processes with your team each week.
How long do I have access to the course?
With your registration comes lifetime access to the course material. You can login anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.

In fact, we recommend revisiting this material every 3-6 months to both stay on track, and open up additional profit-boosting opportunities you may not have taken advantage of the first time around.

What if I sign up but don’t have time to follow through?
You’ve got a brewery to run, and that comes first. So even though the course is designed to be completed in 5 weeks, if you get into a time crunch, no problem. 

Because you have lifetime access to the material, you can just press pause, and then pick back up again when you have a bit more time in the schedule.